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Electrokinetics of concentrated suspensions of spherical colloidal particles with surface conductance, arbitrary zeta potential, and double-layer thickness in static electric fields.
It can be concluded that in general the presence of a dynamic Stern layer causes the electrophoretic mobility to decrease and the electrical conductivity to increase in comparison with the standard case for every volume fraction, zeta potential, and double-layer thickness. Expand
Dielectric response of concentrated colloidal suspensions
The determination of the low-frequency (typically 0–1 MHz) dielectric dispersion of colloidal suspensions may become an electrokinetic tool of wider use if the accuracy of experimental data can beExpand
Electrokinetic characterization of magnetite nanoparticles functionalized with amino acids.
The synthesis of nanoparticles consisting of a magnetite core coated with one or more layers of amino acid (L-arginine, L-lysine, glycine, and L-glutamine) is described in this paper. For all theExpand
Scaling Behavior of the Rheological Properties of Montmorillonite Suspensions: Correlation between Interparticle Interaction and Degree of Flocculation.
Some aspects of the rheological behavior of sodium montmorillonite suspensions in the pH range 3 to 9, of NaCl concentrations between 10(-3) and 10(-1) M, and of solid concentrations between 5 and 11% w/v are investigated. Expand
The effect of the concentration of dispersed particles on the mechanisms of low-frequency dielectric dispersion (LFDD) in colloidal suspensions
Abstract There are two mechanisms which are currently used to explain the low-frequency (kHz range) dispersion of the dielectric permittivity of suspensions in electrolyte solutions (LFDD). TheExpand
Electrokinetics of Concentrated Suspensions of Spherical Colloidal Particles: Effect of a Dynamic Stern Layer on Electrophoresis and DC Conductivity
Abstract In this paper the theory of the electrophoretic mobility and electrical conductivity of concentrated suspensions of spherical colloidal particles, developed by H. Ohshima ( J. ColloidExpand
Influence of Double-Layer Overlap on the Electrophoretic Mobility and DC Conductivity of a Concentrated Suspension of Spherical Particles
In this paper, the specific effect of the overlapping of electrical double layers on the electrophoretic mobility and the electrical (DC) conductivity of concentrated suspensions of sphericalExpand
Electroacoustic and dielectric dispersion of concentrated colloidal suspensions
The determination of the permittivity of colloidal dispersions has been demonstrated to be a very useful technique to characterize the electrical state of the solid/liquid interface. This is soExpand
Surface conductivity of colloidal particles: experimental assessment of its contributions.
In this work we investigate how combined data on dielectric dispersion and electrophoretic mobility of colloidal suspensions at different temperatures can be used to evaluate the two main quantitiesExpand