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Cheyletid mites (Acari:Trombidiformes) in stored grains in Iran
Cheyletus bidentatus is a new record for the mite fauna of Iran and the greatest presence of predatory mites (25%) was recorded in wheat and dust.
A Preliminary Study on Mite Fauna of Bird Nests in Iran
The mite fauna of bird nests in Iran was carried out in Tehran, Golestan and Sistan & Baluchestan provinces in 2008 and was dominated by the species S. nesbitti from thefamily Suidasiidae and T. urticae from the family Tetranychidae.
Redescription of Nodele calamondin Muma, 1964 (Acari Cheyletidae)
The species Nodele calamondin MUMA, 1964 (Acari Cheyletidae) is redescribed from specimens found in Northern Iran. The male of this species is described for the first time. Nodele simplex WAFA et
Notes on the genus Neoeucheyla Radford, 1950 (Acari: Cheyletidae) with description of a new species from Iran
A new species, Neoeucheyla iranica (Acari: Cheyletidae), represented by a single female collected from floor debris in a silo that had contained wheat grain, near Tehran, Iran is described.
Redescription of male and female of Paraneognathus wangae (Fan & Li) (Acari: Caligonellidae) with a key to all known species of the genus Paraneognathus
The characteristics of Paraneognathus wangae, which is a new record for the Iranian fauna, are given and a key to all known species of  Paraneogathus  is also provided.
Camirohylla (Acari: Astigmata: canestriniidae), a new mite genus to fauna of Iran
This study highlights the importance of knowing the phytochemical properties of fruits and vegetables before they are processed for human consumption and the role they play in the food chain.