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Liquid crystalline amorphous blue phase and its large electrooptical Kerr effect
An amorphous blue phase III with low and wide thermal range (∼20 °C) including room temperature is induced by doping a bent-core nematic with a strong chiral material. We confirm that the
Enhancement of Light Extraction from Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Two-Dimensional Hexagonally Nanoimprinted Periodic Structures Using Sequential Surface Relief Grating
Electric characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with two-dimensional hexagonally nanoimprinted periodic structures were investigated, and enhanced light extraction from this device
Light extraction from organic light-emitting diodes enhanced by spontaneously formed buckles
Organic light-emitting diodes featuring layers with a spontaneously formed buckled geometry are demonstrated to offer at least a twofold improvement in light extraction efficiency across the entire
An Anisotropic Hydrogel Actuator Enabling Earthworm-Like Directed Peristaltic Crawling.
An unprecedented hydrogel actuator is reported that enables not only a peristaltic crawling motion but also reversing its direction, when the scanning direction is switched and the crawling direction is reversed.
Chiral Superstructure Mesophases of Achiral Bent‐Shaped Molecules – Hierarchical Chirality Amplification and Physical Properties
The most intriguing results in the studies of such symmetry-broken states, mainly helical-nanofilament (HNF) and dark-conglomerate (DC) phases, are reviewed and recent attempts to control such mesoscopic chiral structure and the alignment/confinement of HNFs are discussed.
How doping a cholesteric liquid crystal with polymeric dye improves an order parameter and makes possible low threshold lasing
Lasing conditions in a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal (ChLC) have been studied in view of optical modes for the light propagating in ChLCs using a polymeric dye with the transition dipole
Topology-dependent self-structure mediation and efficient energy conversion in heat-flux-driven rotors of cholesteric droplets
It is reported that the heat-flux-induced rotation can be stabilised by the use of a dispersion system, in which the cholesteric droplets are dispersed in a viscous and poorly miscible isotropic solvent and the phenomenon is found to be topology dependent.
An autonomous actuator driven by fluctuations in ambient humidity.
An unprecedented film actuator that seemingly operates autonomously is reported, because it responds to the adsorption and desorption of a minute amount of water, possibly induced by fluctuations in the ambient humidity.
Enhanced optical activity by achiral rod-like molecules nanosegregated in the B4 structure of achiral bent-core molecules.
The results suggest that 5CB molecules are embedded in the network of helical nanofilaments formed by P8-O-PIMB and form helical superstructure with the same handedness as the helical Nan ofilaments in the B(X) phase, resulting in the giant CD signals.
Enhancement of normally directed light outcoupling from organic light-emitting diodes using nanoimprinted low-refractive-index layer
The authors have demonstrated increased light outcoupling from organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) based on nanoimprinted amorphous fluoropolymer, poly[perfluoro(4-vinyloxy-l-butene)] (PPFVB).