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Isolation of Candida spp from vaginal microbiota of healthy canine females during estrous cycle
The purpose of this study was to isolate yeast 5 of Candida genus from healthy canine females and identify the isolated species, establishing their connection with estrous cycle phases and concluded that Candida spp is a commion component ofhealthy canine females' vaginal microbiota. Expand
Kinetics of capture and infection of infective larvae of trichostrongylides and free-living nematodes Panagrellus sp. by Duddingtonia flagrans
It was possible to verify that the process of trap formation and capture occurs quickly when both nematodes were tested, suggesting that the organisms would eventually be killed once in contact with the fungi encouraging the use of the fungus as a biological control agent. Expand
Triclabendazole resistance involving Fasciola hepatica in sheep and goats during an outbreak in Almirante Tamandare, Paraná, Brazil.
Fasciolosis is a disease of extreme importance, occurring throughout Brazil, with great economic losses to the animal industry. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of treatment againstExpand
In vitro efficacy of Duddingtonia flagrans against nematodes of sheep based on in vivo calculations.
The results showed a negative correlation between fungal concentrations and larval numbers for both assays, and it is considered that the data from in vitro studies based on in vivo calculations may optimize the fungi quantities for field experiments. Expand
Oral Myiasis
A rare case of oral myiasis in the periodontal region of a healthy 2y-old girl child, which presented no systemic problem of health and located in the gingival sulcus, is described. Expand