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An ecological optimization criterion for finite‐time heat engines
An endoreversible Carnot‐type heat engine is studied under the usual restrictions: no friction, working substance in internal equilibrium (endoreversibility), no mechanical inertial effects, andExpand
Compression ratio of an optimized air standard Otto-cycle model
We propose an irreversible simplified model for the air standard Otto thermal cycle. This model takes into account the finite-time evolution of the cycle's compression and power strokes and itExpand
Company size distribution for developing countries
We analyze company size distribution for developing countries using the framework proposed by Ramsden and Kiss-Haypal [Physica A 277 (2000) 220]. Although this distribution does not fit developingExpand
Simple model of the aging effect in heart interbeat time series.
It is found that interbeat series of healthy young subjects can be characterized by only one scaling exponent and a crossover behavior in it is observed with aging, and interesting effects of aging are presented. Expand
A general property of endoreversible thermal engines
In this work we propose that endoreversible Carnot–type heat engines have a general property independent of the heat transfer law used to describe heat exchanges between the working fluid and itsExpand
A Simple Thermodynamic Analysis of Photosynthesis
A comparative study of nine photosynthetic pathways by means of their thermodynamic performance using the thermal efficiency of light-to-chemical energy conversion and the so-called ecological criterion arising from finite-time thermodynamics leads to photosynthesis made by metaphytes and non sulfur purple bacteria as those of best thermodynamics performance. Expand
Local stability analysis of an endoreversible Curzon-Ahborn-Novikov engine working in a maximum-power-like regime
A local stability analysis of an endoreversible Curzon–Ahborn–Novikov (CAN) engine, working in a maximum-power-like regime, is presented. The CAN engine in the present work consists of a CarnotExpand
Endoreversible thermal cycle with a nonlinear heat transfer law
We calculate the efficiency of an endoreversible Carnot‐type cycle in the maximum power regime by using a nonlinear heat transfer law (the so‐called Dulong and Petit’s law of cooling). The resultsExpand
Seismic quiescence patterns as possible precursors of great earthquakes in Mexico
A catalog of shallow Mexican earthquakes (depth 60 Km) is presented for a region bounded by north latitude and west longitude, covering the period from January, 1806 to December, 2010, which isExpand
A variational optimization of a finite-time thermal cycle with a nonlinear heat transfer law
In this paper we use a variational approach to study an endoreversible Curzon–Ahlborn–Novikov (CAN) heat engine under both maximum power and maximum ecological function conditions. By means of thisExpand