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Color, organic matter and sulfate removal from textile effluents by anaerobic and aerobic processes.
An upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB)-submerged aerated biofilter (SAB) system was evaluated to remove color and chemical oxygen demand (COD) from real textile effluent. The system was operatedExpand
Hydraulic retention time influence on azo dye and sulfate removal during the sequential anaerobic-aerobic treatment of real textile wastewater.
In the present study, we evaluate the behavior of real textile wastewater treatment using a system composed of two sequential pilot-scale reactors (anaerobic followed by aerobic) during 622 days. TheExpand
Microaerated UASB reactor treating textile wastewater: The core microbiome and removal of azo dye Direct Black 22.
Sequential anaerobic and aerobic processes have been recommended to treat textile wastewater reliably. In this work, the focus was on finding an energetically more competitive system to removeExpand
Exergetic Evaluation of an Ethylene Refrigeration Cycle
The production of light olefins by selective steam cracking is an energy-intensive process, and ethylene and propylene refrigeration cycles are key parts of it. The objective of this study was toExpand