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Methyltrioctylammonium chloride mediated removal of lignin from sugarcane bagasse for themostable cellulase production.
Evaluated Methyltrioctylammonium Chloride and Sodium hydroxide effect on sugarcane bagasse structure and its subsequent utilization to produce cellulase from a thermophilic bacterium Bacillus aestuarii UE25 provides prospects of utilizing this IL in comparison to imidazolium based IL for pretreatment of biomass.
Phenacyl group containing amide derivative of dehydroabietylamine exhibiting enhanced cytotoxic activity against PLC and MCF7 cancer cell lines
New amide derivatives of (+)-dehydroabietylamine, tricyclic abietane diterpene amine, were prepared using Zhongping’s protocol. (+)-N-(2-phenyl-acetyl)-dehydroabietylamine derivative (11)
Combined pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse using alkali and ionic liquid to increase hemicellulose content and xylanase production
Combined pretreatment of SB with alkali and methyltrioctylammonium chloride appeared better than other chemical methods for bacterial xylanase production and for the extraction of xylan form SB.
Utilization of methyltrioctylammonium chloride as new ionic liquid in pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse for production of cellulase by novel thermophilic bacteria.
This study demonstrated the potential of novel thermophilic bacterial strains to utilize IL pretreated SB for production of industrially important enzyme, cellulase.
A Novel Iridoid from Plumeria Obtusa
Phytochemical investigations of fresh leaves and stem bark of Plumeria obtusa Linn. have led to the isolation and characterization of a new iridoid, p-methoxy-E-cinnamoyloxy plumieride (1), to which
Structural, macro- and micro-mechanical properties of supramolecular bi-component l-Lysine-sodium tetraphenyl borate based hydrogels
Abstract We present a new system of bi-component hydrogels formed of l -lysine hydrochloride mixed with sodium tetraphenyl borate with unusual viscoelastic properties which might be useful in tissue
Newly designed pyridine and piperidine based Ionic Liquids: Aggregation behavior in ESI-MS and catalytic activity in C C bond formation reactions
Abstract Material preparation using Ionic Liquids (ILs) as a catalyst was frequently related to the supramolecular aggregation behavior. Hence, understanding the aggregation behavior of ILs is very
Synthesis and bio-molecular study of (+)-N-Acetyl-α-amino acid dehydroabietylamine derivative for the selective therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma
It is concluded that a novel DAAD2 with IC50 values less than 8 μM can induce massive cell attenuation following caspase dependent apoptotic cell death in Hep3B cells.
Prevalence of Waterborne Diseases in Exposed and Unexposed Clusters Using Biosand Filters in a Rural Community, Sindh, Pakistan
Prevalence of WBBDs was noticeably reduced using biosand filters and decentralized home-based interventions may be lifelong and essential to curtail WBBD through public sensitization, behavior change, and monitoring.
Synthesis of Hydantoins, Thiohydantoins, and Glycocyamidines Under Solvent-Free Conditions
Hydantoins, thiohydantoins, and glycocyamidines have been prepared in moderate to excellent yields at room temperature under solvent-free conditions. 3N-amino and carboamide derivatives of hydantoin