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Final report on the safety assessment of Basic Violet 1, Basic Violet 3, and Basic Violet 4.
The panel concluded that because of the carcinogenic potential of these dyes, insufficient data exist to support the safety of Basic Violet 1, 3, and 4 in cosmetic formulation. Expand
Safety Assessment of Plant-Derived Fatty Acid Oils
The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel concluded that the 244 plant-derived fatty acid oils are safe as used in cosmetics. Expand
Final report on the safety assessment of amino nitrophenols as used in hair dyes.
The data are insufficient to make a safety determination for 4-amino-2-nitrophenol, but the ingredients in this group are safe as hair dye ingredients in the practices of use and concentration as described in this safety assessment. Expand
Amended safety assessment of tall oil acid, sodium tallate, potassium tallate, and ammonium tallate.
The CIR Expert Panel found tall oil acid, ammonium tallate, potassiumtallate, and sodium tallate to be safe cosmetic ingredients in the given practices of use and concentration. Expand
Amended safety assessment of sodium picramate and picramic acid.
The panel finds that the available data support the safety of these colorants in hair dyes and expects that sodium picramate would be used at concentrations comparable to those reported for picramic acid. Expand