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Molecular phylogenetic study of Luffa tuberosa Roxb. (Cucurbitaceae) based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA and its systematic implication
The phylogenetic position of long been debatable species Luffa tuberosa was inferred using ITS sequence of nuclear ribosomal DNA data and sequence data analysis clearly reveals nesting of Luffle tuberosa within the clade of Momordica, thus, the inclusion of LuffA tuberosa into the genusMomordica is supported.
Diversity of perennial plants at Ibex reserve in Saudi Arabia.
High perennial plant diversity of Ibex reserve and abundance of many plant species that were deteriorated in other places of the country due overgrazing and social behavior in Saudi Arabia are demonstrated.
Assessing Molecular Signature for Some Potential Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars from Saudi Arabia, Based on Chloroplast DNA Sequences rpoB and psbA-trnH
The sequences of the date cultivars generated in the present study showed bootstrap values between 38% and 70% so these sequences could be carefully used as molecular signature for potential date cultivar under trading and selection of genuine cultivars at the seedling stage for farming.
Reduced graphene oxide supported raspberry-like SrWO4 for sensitive detection of catechol in green tea and drinking water samples
Abstract The raspberry-like strontium tungstate microspheres supported on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (rGOSs@SrWO4) were prepared by a hydrothermal method and it was applied to the
Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles Decorated on Activated Screen Printed Carbon Electrode and Its Application for Ultrasensitive Detection of Dopamine
In the present study, we report the fabrication of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) decorated on activated screen printed carbon electrode (ASPCE). The AgNPs were prepared by using Justicia glauca leaf
Direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase immobilized on ZrO2 nanoparticles-decorated reduced graphene oxide sheets for a glucose biosensor
We fabricated a glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase (GOx) immobilized in a poly(L-lysine) (PLL) and reduced graphene oxide–zirconium oxide composite (RGO–ZrO2). First, a simple single step
Molecular authentication of the medicinal herb Ruta graveolens (Rutaceae) and an adulterant using nuclear and chloroplast DNA markers.
A DNA marker was developed based on rpoB and rpoC1 of the nrDNA-ITS for the identification of the adulterant E. dracunculoides in samples of R. graveolens that are sold in local herbal markets.
Taxonomic significance of trichomes micromorphology in cucurbits.
The trichomes in the family Cucurbitaceae vary from unicellular to multicellular, conical to elongated, smooth to ridges, with or without flattened disk at base and cyctolithic appendages, thin to thick walled, curved at apices to blunt.
Preparation, Characterization, and Bioelectrocatalytic Properties of Hemoglobin Incorporated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes‐Poly‐L‐lysine Composite Film Modified Electrodes Towards Bromate
The present work describes preparation of he- moglobin-incorporated multiwalled carbon nanotubes- poly-l-lysine (MWCNT-PLL)/Hb) composite modified electrode film modified glassy carbon electrode
In vitro cytotoxicity screening of wild plant extracts from Saudi Arabia on human breast adenocarcinoma cells.
Results clearly show that ethanolic extract of L. dentata exhibits promising cytotoxic activity with an IC50 value of 39 μg/mL, and call for further investigations to determine the active chemical constituent(s) and their mechanisms of inducing apoptosis.