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Merchants’ role in a changing society: the case of Dubai, 1900–90
Since the turn of the twentieth century, Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (known before independence as the Trucial Coast), has derived its fame and prosperity from trade. WithExpand
American Missionaries in the UAE Region in the Twentieth Century
Geographically part of the Arabian Peninsula, the area of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has always been historically and culturally part of the Islamic world. However, Arabia was once part of theExpand
American women missionaries in the Gulf: Agents for cultural change
Abstract Arabia has figured in Western imagination from a very early time, but seldom in neutral terms. For reasons not thoroughly understood, the Arab role in Western thinking has fluctuated betweenExpand
Domestic Politics in the United Arab Emirates: Social and Economic Policies, 1990–2000
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is at an exciting crossroads in its short development. Thirty years since its establishment as a federation, its leaders have spent considerable energy to foster aExpand