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Scan loss mitigation via subarrays a full-scale concept demonstrator
A full-scale concept demonstrator for the scan loss mitigation via integrating subarrays in sparse, linear arrays is presented for the first time. Expand
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Subarrays in linear array configurations, an effective instrument for scan loss compensation
A novel approach is proposed for compensating the scan loss in wide-angular scanning array antennas due to the pattern falloff of physical radiators. The method is based on replacing elements inExpand
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Use of Subarrays in Linear Array for Improving Wide Angular Scanning Performance
The scanning performance of wide-angular scanning linear arrays is primarily degraded by the limited angular profile of the employed elements’ patterns. Expand
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Linear subarray as element for high gain phased array radar with wide angular scanning beams
This paper discusses results derived from linear subarray synthesis with focus on realizing wide angular scanning patterns. The subarray synthesis is performed using the Fourier transform methodExpand
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Wide-Angular Scanning Performance Enhancement in Linear Arrays via Combining Integrated In-line Subarrays and Amplitude Tapering
An advanced design, adding a significant first sidelobes level (FSLL) improvement to a previously introduced wide-angular-scanning, linear array prototype with demonstrated scan-loss compensationExpand
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Overview of Recent Subarray Applications in Wide-Angular Scanning Linear Arrays
Subarray application for increasing the wide-angular scanning capability of a linear array is discussed in this paper. The original linear array is a sparse array where element locations fit in aExpand
Sosialisasi Pencegahan Penanganan Wabah COVID-19 Terhadap Komunitas Tunarungu Di Kota Surabaya
Saat ini, penyebaran Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) semakin hari semakin menyebar ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia, termasuk Kota Surabaya. Data per 7 Mei 2020 di Kota Surabaya, total ODP (Orang DalamExpand