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Postoperative nutritional support in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
The patient sustaining maxillofacial trauma, disease or deformity presents with unique nutritional problems, especially during the postoperative period. By providing a nutritionally adequate diet inExpand
Isolated fracture of the hyoid bone: report of a case.
Abstract A case of fracture of the hyoid bone is described and the diagnosis and treatment of the condition are discussed.
The use of colonic irrigation to control fecal incontinence in dogs with colostomies.
OBJECTIVE To determine if once-daily colonic irrigation results in fecal continence for a 24-hour period in dogs with colostomies and if colonic volume increased in response to the irrigation. Expand
A comparison of radiographic treatment methods for evaluation of the orbit.
The use of conventional radiography, complex motion tomography, and computed tomography for evaluation of eight patients with orbital floor fractures indicates that CT scans in an axial plane withExpand
Radical lateral body-wall resection for fibrosarcoma with reconstruction using polypropylene mesh and a caudal superficial epigastric axial pattern flap: a prospective clinical study of the technique
OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate a technique for radical resection of the lateral body wall for treatment of fibrosarcoma with reconstruction using polypropylene mesh and a caudal superficialExpand
Diagnosis and management of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis with TMJ involvement.
AbstractThis article presents a literature review of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis along with a clinical case. The clinical picture of such patients is given, including the common medical and dentalExpand
Bilateral lung abscess associated with a severe masticator space infection.
The clinician should be constantly aware of the danger of aspiration in cases of prolonged sepsis with profuse suppuration. In such cases, it might be wiser to establish dependent extraoral drainage,Expand
Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric maxillofacial infections.
Infections of the head and neck are very common in children. Determination of the primary etiologic site and organisms responsible for the infection can be difficult, because of the close proximityExpand