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The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans
African Origins The modern human originated in Africa and subsequently spread across the globe. However, the genetic relationships among the diverse populations on the African continent have beenExpand
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Convergent adaptation of human lactase persistence in Africa and Europe
A SNP in the gene encoding lactase (LCT) (C/T-13910) is associated with the ability to digest milk as adults (lactase persistence) in Europeans, but the genetic basis of lactase persistence inExpand
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The collective-risk social dilemma and the prevention of simulated dangerous climate change
Will a group of people reach a collective target through individual contributions when everyone suffers individually if the target is missed? This “collective-risk social dilemma” exists in variousExpand
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History of click-speaking populations of Africa inferred from mtDNA and Y chromosome genetic variation.
Little is known about the history of click-speaking populations in Africa. Prior genetic studies revealed that the click-speaking Hadza of eastern Africa are as distantly related to click speakers ofExpand
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Whole-mtDNA genome sequence analysis of ancient African lineages.
Studies of human mitochondrial (mt) DNA genomes demonstrate that the root of the human phylogenetic tree occurs in Africa. Although 2 mtDNA lineages with an African origin (haplogroups M and N) wereExpand
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Genomics and the challenging translation into conservation practice.
The global loss of biodiversity continues at an alarming rate. Genomic approaches have been suggested as a promising tool for conservation practice as scaling up to genome-wide data can improveExpand
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The Genetic Structure of Pacific Islanders
Human genetic diversity in the Pacific has not been adequately sampled, particularly in Melanesia. As a result, population relationships there have been open to debate. A genome scan of autosomalExpand
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African human diversity, origins and migrations.
The continent of Africa is thought to be the site of origin of all modern humans and is the more recent origin of millions of African Americans. Although Africa has the highest levels of humanExpand
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Genome-wide variation in the human and fruitfly: a comparison.
Average levels of nucleotide diversity are ten-fold lower in humans than in the fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster. Despite this difference, apparently as a result of a lower population size, patternsExpand
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Scientific Standards and the Regulation of Genetically Modified Insects
Experimental releases of genetically modified (GM) insects are reportedly being evaluated in various countries, including Brazil, the Cayman Islands (United Kingdom), France, Guatemala, India,Expand
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