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Aquatic Plants as Ecological Indicator for Urban Lakes Eutrophication Status and Indices
There is an increasing pursuit of utilizing plants as a gear to predict, describe and diagnose environmental stresses. Being united swiftly with their environments, granting them to offer beneficialExpand
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Phytoremediation Model System for Aquaculture Wastewater Using Glossostigma Elatinoides and Hemianthus Callitrichoides
The aquaculture industry has made a great contribution towards economic development of Malaysia. However, the large volume of water consumption and the wastewater discharged into the water sourceExpand
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Effect of abiotic stress on carotenoids accumulation in orange sweet potato calluses under light and dark conditions
Abiotic stress factors are the main limitation to plant growth and yield in agriculture. Orange sweet potatoes may become major sources of carotenoids in the diet, but the extent of environmentalExpand
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Carotenoid Content and Composition in 20 Medicinal Plant Species of Traditional Malay Midwifery Postnatal Bath
Today in Malay community, midwifery traditional knowledge of herbal medicine has disappeared and extinct. The facts are Malay midwives are becoming rare and the more crucial is medicinal plants areExpand
Landscape plantarum in Islamic built environment
This book is an attempt to compile information theories and clear illustration on trees which is almost 100 species of trees with different families. It highlights the trees anatomy, texture,Expand
Biomonitoring Agent for Heavy Metals Run Off from Acid Sulfate Soil of Aquaculture Industries in Selangor, Malaysia
The disturbance of acid sulfate soils due to poor wastewater management of aquaculture activities caused a major environmental issue such as metal pollution in coastal regions of many countriesExpand
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Natural Carotenoid Pigments of 6 Chlorophyta Freshwater Green Algae Species
Abstract: Nowadays, halal products are gaining wider recognition as a new benchmark for safety and quality assurance. As a consequence the commercial development of microalgae is established due toExpand
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Stability of Carotenoid Composition in Orange Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Tuber Flesh Over Three Growing Seasons and 6 Months Storage Time
Considerable research interest has recently focused on the development of both transgenic and traditional breeding methods to increase total and individual carotenoid composition in sweet potatoes.Expand