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Operating cost analysis and treatment of domestic wastewater by electrocoagulation using aluminum electrodes
In this study, treatment of domestic wastewater (DWW) by electrocoagulation (EC) was investigated. The samples were supplied from the Sivas domestic wastewater pretreatment plant. The experimentalExpand
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Investigation of technical and economic analysis of electrocoagulation process for the treatment of great and small cattle slaughterhouse wastewater
AbstractIn this study, the treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater by electrocoagulation (EC) was investigated in batch reactor using aluminum and iron electrodes. Effects of operating parameters forExpand
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Treatment of pretreated coke wastewater by electrocoagulation and electrochemical peroxidation processes
Abstract In this study, treatment of pretreated real coke wastewater by Electrocoagulation process (EC) and Electrochemical Peroxidation process (ECP) using direct pulse current was investigated. AirExpand
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Arsenic removal from groundwater of Sivas-Şarkişla Plain, Turkey by electrocoagulation process: Comparing with iron plate and ball electrodes
Abstract In the present study, laboratory scale experiments were conducted with the air-fed electrocoagulation (EC) reactor using iron (Fe) ball and plate anodes in a batch mode to assess theirExpand
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Treatments of alkaline non-cyanide, alkaline cyanide and acidic zinc electroplating wastewaters by electrocoagulation
Abstract Treatments of alkaline non-cyanide, alkaline cyanide and acidic zinc electroplating rinse wastewaters were investigated in an electrocoagulation (EC) reactor using Fe plate electrodes. ThisExpand
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Optimization of operational parameters of electrocoagulation process for real textile wastewater treatment using Taguchi experimental design method
AbstractIn this paper, Taguchi method was applied to determine the optimum operating conditions for textile wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation (EC) with iron electrodes. The removalExpand
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Abstract. Water resources are getting more and more important with each passing day in case of survival of humanity. For this reason, assessing water resources’ quality and also monitoring them haveExpand
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Removal of Salicylic Acid from Aqueous Solutions Using Various Electrodes and Different Connection Modes by Electrocoagulation
Removal of salicylic acid (SA) from aqueous solutions using hybrid aluminum and iron electrodes (eight different combinations) and three different connection modes (monopolar parallel (MP-P),Expand
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Removal of disperse and reactive dyes from aqueous solutions using ultrasound-assisted electrocoagulation.
This study investigates the effectivenesses of electrocoagulation, ultrasound, and ultrasound-assisted electrocoagulation processes for the removal of color and chemical oxygen demand (COD) fromExpand
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Foam separation for effective removal of disperse and reactive dyes from aqueous solutions
Abstract In this study, the effectiveness of the foam separation process for removal of color and total organic carbon (TOC) from the dye solution was assessed. The optimum experimental conditionsExpand
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