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We present a new environment for computations in particle physics phenomenology employing recent developments in cloud computing. On this environment users can create and manage " virtual " machines on which the phenomenology codes/tools can be deployed easily in an automated way. We analyze the performance of this environment based on " virtual " machines(More)
We study the pair-production of charginos in the CP-violating Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at center-of-mass energies around the heavy neutral Higgs boson resonances. If these resonances are nearly degenerate, as it can happen in the Higgs decoupling limit, radiatively induced scalar-pseudoscalar transitions can be strongly enhanced. The resulting(More)
We study chargino pair production on the heavy Higgs resonances at a muon collider in the MSSM. At √ s ≈ 350 GeV cross sections up to 2 pb are reached depending on the supersymmetric scenario and the beam energy spread. The resonances of the scalar and pseudoscalar Higgs bosons may be separated for tan β < 8. Our aim is to determine the ratio of the(More)
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