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We present a new environment for computations in particle physics phenomenology employing recent developments in cloud computing. On this environment users can create and manage “virtual” machines on which the phenomenology codes/tools can be deployed easily in an automated way. We analyze the performance of this environment based on “virtual” machines(More)
We study chargino pair production on the heavy Higgs resonances at a muon collider in the MSSM. At √ s ≈ 350 GeV cross sections up to 2 pb are reached depending on the supersymmetric scenario and the beam energy spread. The resonances of the scalar and pseudoscalar Higgs bosons may be separated for tanβ < 8. Our aim is to determine the ratio of the chargino(More)
We study chargino production at a muon collider with longitudinally polarized beams and center of mass energies around the heavy neutral Higgs boson resonances. We show that the interference of the CP even and CP odd Higgs bosons can be analyzed using the energy distributions of the lepton or W boson from the chargino two-body decays χ̃j → lν̃l or χ̃j →(More)
We study the pair-production of charginos in the CP-violating Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at center-of-mass energies around the heavy neutral Higgs boson resonances. If these resonances are nearly degenerate, as it can happen in the Higgs decoupling limit, radiatively induced scalarpseudoscalar transitions can be strongly enhanced. The resulting(More)
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