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The activity of tRNA methyltransferases present in the cerebellum of 6- and 21-day-old nonicteric and icteric Gunn rats was compared using purifiedE. coli tRNAs as substrates. At 6 days the tRNA methyltransferases of the icteric animals were significantly more effective in methylating tRNAGlu 2 and tRNAPhe than were those of their nonicteric counterparts.(More)
The art of physical examination has continued to be practised by physicians largely unchanged for over 200 years. Ultrasound, once the domain of the radiologist, is now being increasingly used by emergency physicians and intensivists to make rapid, accurate diagnoses at the point-of-care. We review the growing body of evidence supporting point-of-care(More)
IgA deficiency (less than 80 IU/ml serum) occurred in 29% of 41 epileptic patients on anticonvulsant therapy. Sodium valproate users had significantly lower mean IgA levels (102 IU/ml) than non-users (151 IU/ml) and had a significantly higher incidence of IgA deficiency (50%) than non-users (16%). The occurrence of IgA deficiency did not appear to be(More)