F. Zhao

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Enterprise resource planning systems have required significant upgrades in the 21st century as many of the systems obtained prior to 2000 have become outdated due to vendor changes. SAP and Oracle have emerged as dominant vendors, and SAP has announced discontinuance of support in the future for its primary R/3 system. This study reports interviews with the(More)
There are significant differences between the DGIs and LGTs. Additionally, most of the characteristics indicate that the DGIs are more similar to recovered tissue and can resist viral attacks. Dark green islands (DGIs) surrounded by light green tissues (LGTs) are common leaf symptoms of plants that are systemically infected by various mosaic viruses. We(More)
Temperature is an important environmental factor controlling plant growth, development, and immune response. However, the role of temperature in plant disease resistance is still elusive. In the present study, the potential effects of temperature on the interaction between Nicotiana tabacum and Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) were investigated. Our results(More)
Aluminum is one of the toxic elements in acid soil which can restrain plant growth. Autophagy, a dynamic process that involves the recycling of the degradation of intracellular materials, can be induced by multiple abiotic stresses in Arabidopsis. However, the relationship between aluminum and autophagy in plant is unclear while it has been reported that(More)
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