F. Ya. Luk'yanenko

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The activity of serotoninergic neurons of the medial raphé nucleus was turned off by local injection of the neurotoxin, 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine. Seven days later, a conditioned passive avoidance reaction was developed following 20 preexposures to the conditional stimulus (the presentation of the experimental chamber). As compared with the sham-operated(More)
The disruption of selective processes underlies many psychopathological states; in this connection, the problem of attention and its neurochemical bases occupies an important place in contemporary experimental research. Latent inhibition (LI), which is characterized by a delay in the development of a conditioned reaction (CR) following repeated preexposure(More)
Repeated presentation of a conditioned stimulus before its combination with the unconditioned stimulus delays the subsequent development of the conditioned reflex. This phenomenon has been called latent inhibition (LI) and it is widely used at the present time as a test of selective attention in animal experiments [6]. Participation of central monoamines in(More)
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