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A real-time, Hall-probe automatic measurement system was developed at the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (SRRC) for the magnetic field measurement of the “C”-type rectangular combined function bending magnet, multipole magnets, and the insertion device magnets. The sampling rate on the x–y–z table with dynamic moving speed of 15 cm/s can be up to 200(More)
Using non-invasive, marker-free resonance enhanced dynamic light scattering, the dynamics of capillary waves on ultrathin polystyrene films' coupling to the viscoelastic and mechanical properties have been studied. The dynamics of ultrathin polymer films is still debated. In particular the question of what influence either the solid substrate and/or the(More)
The “dynamic scan” and “static scan” measurement methods, using the long loop coil system, have been designed for magnetic field measurements of the elliptically polarizing undulator (EPU) as well as any other insertion device magnet. The basic design concept is to build a reliable and high speed measurement system for characterizing the two transverse(More)
An overview of the magnet measurement activities at the Paul Scherrer institute is presented. The talk will mainly focuss on the magnets needed for the X-ray free electron laser (SwissFEL), the next large scale facility in preparation at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Based on a normalconducting 5.8 GeV linear accelerator, the SwissFEL will cover a spectral(More)
With two sets of photo couplers, scientists already have applied pulsed-wire method (PWM) to measure the magnetic field along two mutually perpendicular directions. The authors believe that two-dimensional pulsed-wire method is useful for the test of elliptically polarizing undulator (EPU). We tried to use this method to observe the first integral and(More)
The early awareness of a potential financial distress is crucial to firm’s managers for understanding their clients, suppliers and their own firms, and crucial to fund suppliers for assessing the construction firm’s credit worthiness. The purpose of this paper is to develop a dynamic prediction model for financial distress in construction industry using(More)
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