F. Y. Huang

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Manipulating semistructured data, such as XML, does n o t t t w ell within conventional programming languages. A typical manipulation requires nding all occurrences of a structure matching a structured search pattern, whose context may b e diierent in diierent places, and both aspects cause diiculty. If a special-purpose query language is used to manipulate(More)
Research on security techniques for Java bytecode has paid little attention to the security of the implementations of the techniques themselves, assuming that ordinary tools for programming, verification and testing are sufficient for security. However, different categories of security policies and mechanisms usually require different implementations. Each(More)
We take the position that large-scale distributed systems are better understood, at all levels, when locality is taken into account. When communication and mobility are clearly separated, it is easier to design, understand, and implement goal-directed agent programs. We present the Spider model of agents to validate our position. Systems contain two kinds(More)
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