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Dopamine acts as a neuromodulator in the retina. Dopaminergic deficiency of any origin, as observed in elderly subjects, is associated with altered visual performances, and more specifically with altered perception of contrasts. The goal of this study was to compare contrast vision in elderly subjects and young subjects (first phase, n = 20), then to(More)
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) generally occurs in patients with impaired cellular immunity. Monoclonal antibodies also predispose the patient to PML as they depress the immune system. PML was classically characterized by a lack of inflammation and absence of gadolinium enhancement. However, gadolinium enhancement of PML lesions was first(More)
Evidence has been found for the view that piribedil stimulates peripheral and central dopamine receptors. Piribedil stimulates the nigro-striatal pathway and has been shown to be an effective antiparkinsonian agent. The stimulation of dopamine receptors in the meso-limbic and/or meso-cortical pathways lead to propose its use in the treatment of affective(More)
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