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Presently, there is no clear way to determine if the current body of biological facts is sufficient to explain phenomenology. In the biological community, it is not uncommon to assume certain biological problems to have achieved a cognitive finality without rigorous justification. In these particular cases, rigorous mathematical models with automated tools(More)
Location awareness is a basic need for future wireless systems. In this paper we use the time measurement principle DTDOA and discuss a solution of time measurement based on an add-on correlator module in an IEEE 802.11a receiver. Furthermore, we investigate the performance of an indoor localization system for a Gbit/s, 60 GHz high-performance wireless LAN,(More)
IPTV as an integral part of triple play service offers is regarded as a major differentiation factor by incumbent telecommunication operators. However, as more operators provide these services, differentiation is fading. Analysts agree that the key to differentiation are value added services which in the long term require business collaborations of(More)
The project iNEM4U (Interactive Networked Experiences in Multimedia for You) is developing a service infrastructure that enables users to share integrated multimedia experiences in networked environments. In iNEM4U, these experiences involve seamless combinations of multimedia content and value-added services from different domains of technology, such as(More)
The solubility of organic semiconductors in environmentally benign solvents is an important prerequisite for the widespread adoption of organic electronic appliances. Solubility can be determined by considering the cohesive forces in a liquid via Hansen solubility parameters (HSP). We report a numerical approach to determine the HSP of fullerenes using a(More)
IPTV is regarded as one of the key technologies of triple play services by telecommunication incumbents. It is seen as the differentiator to reduce customer churn. However, as more operators deploy this service, the factors for differentiation are dissolving rapidly. In this paper we present how identity management can enrich IPTV and thus provide a variety(More)
Telecommunication incumbents regard IPTV as a key service differentiator to reduce customer churn and generate new revenue streams. However, as more operators deploy this service, the factors for differentiation are dissolving rapidly. In this paper we present how IPTV can be enriched by integrating telecommunications services. We also show how new(More)
As environmental models (such as Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME), Parallel Reactive Flow and Transport Model (PFLOTRAN), Arctic Terrestrial Simulator (ATS), etc.) became more and more complicated, we will need new tools to expedite integrated model developments and facilitate the collaborations between field scientists, environmental system(More)
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