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Security support is mandatory for any communication networks. For wireless systems, security support is even more important to protect the users as well as the network. Since wireless medium is available to all, the attackers can easily access the network and the network becomes more vulnerable for the user and the network service provider. Worldwide(More)
Due to the multi-tier heterogeneous nature of the 5G cellular networks, where the small cells and the D2D pairs are underlaied in the macrocell, Centralized methods for resource allocation will be very complex. In this paper a distributed algorithm using auction technique is adopted to maximize the datarate of the underlay layer users, while maintaining the(More)
As a promising broadband wireless technology, WiMax has many salient advantages over such as: high data rates, quality of service, scalability, security, and mobility. Many sophisticated authentication and encryption techniques have been embedded into WiMax but it still exposes to various attacks in. In this paper, three proposed chaos encryption techniques(More)
Compression of speech signal is an important field in digital signal processing. Speech signal compression has significant importance in today's world, because of limited bandwidth and transmission or storage capacity. Speech compression is a process of converting human speech signals into efficient encoded representations that can be decoded back to(More)
Mobile WiMax security standards from IEEE specify some powerful standards-based security controls, including PKMv2 EAP-based authentication and over-the-air AES-based encryption. But encryption technique does not guarantee a powerful secure end-to-end image transmission, and, consequently, WiMax presents a range of security design and integration(More)
VoIP applications are being widely used in today's networks challenging their capabilities to provide a good quality of experience level to the users. In particular, There are several scheduling algorithms for Voice over IP (VoIP) services in IEEE 802.16 systems, such as unsolicited grant service (UGS), real-time polling service (rtPS), using Grant-Me bit(More)
Enhancing the total system performance along with supporting a large number of users is the challenge of cellular service providers. Code division multiple access (CDMA) system capacity as an interference limited capacity performance is mainly affected by the out of-cell interference. While the in-cell interference is controlled within each cell using power(More)
A two-phase handoff protocol has been proposed to support inter-switch handoff in wireless ATM networks. It employs path extension for each inter-switch handoff, followed by path optimization if necessary. The design objective of this paper is to determine the best path optimization scheme that minimizes the expected total cost per call. This paper presents(More)
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