F. W. A. Verstappen

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The plant regeneration ability of zygotic embryo-derived callus cultures was studied for 12 A. cepa varieties and accessions, two A. fistulosum varieties, one A. fistulosum x A. cepa interspecific hybrid and two A. porrum varieties. Compact embryogenic callus was induced on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.(More)
Cucurbitacins are bitter triterpenoid compounds that are toxic to most organisms and occur widely in wild and cultivated Cucurbitaceae. The only cucurbitacin identified in Cucumis sativus is cucurbitacin C. The bitter taste of cucumber has been correlated with resistance to the spider mite Tetranychus urticae, but a quantitative relationship has not been(More)
From backcrosses of three interspecific hybrids (A. fistulosum x A. cepa) with a. cepa 14 diploid and 2 triploid plants were recovered. In this BC1 population introgression of A. fistulosum genetic material into the A. cepa nuclear genome was studied using two isozyme markers: Got-1 and Got-2. Both loci carried two alleles. A. cepa was monomorphic for both(More)
The quantitative insight in processes underlying yield and concentrations of interesting secondary metabolites in crops is still limited. Yet, this insight is essential to further improve crops and commercial production of target metabolites. Artemisia annua L. (annual or sweet wormwood, Asteraceae) was used to conceptualize a model to describe the(More)
To facilitate the introgression of desirable traits of Allium fistulosum into the genome of A. cepa, several accessions of the hybrid between these species were pollinated with A. cepa as the recurrent parent, and in vitro ovary and ovule culture were performed to obtain an increase in the recovery of backcross progeny. Compared to the results obtained from(More)
The objective of this research was to ascertain if 1) baseline emission and 2) damage induced emission of volatile plant substances could be detected under greenhouse conditions. A laboratory method was validated for analysing the air in a semi-closed greenhouse with 44 m floor area. This greenhouse, with a volume of 270 m, was climate controlled and light(More)
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