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A uniform array of single-grain Au nanodots, as small as 5-8 nm, can be formed on silicon using e-beam lithography. The as-fabricated nanodots are amorphous, and thermal annealing converts them to pure Au single crystals covered with a thin SiO(2) layer. These findings are based on physical measurements, such as atomic force microscopy (AFM),(More)
E-beam lithography has been used for reliable and versatile fabrication of sub-15 nm single-crystal gold nanoarrays and led to convincing applications in nanotechnology. However, so far this technique was either too slow for centimeter to wafer-scale writing or fast enough with the so-called dot on the fly (DOTF) technique but not optimized for sub-15 nm(More)
The paper reports on self-assembly of silicon nanowire junctions assisted by protocollagen, a low cost soluble long fiber protein and precursor of collagen fibrils. First, the collagen was combed on an octadecyl-terminated silicon surface with gold electrodes. Then the combed surface was exposed to an aqueous suspension of silicon nanowires. In order to(More)
We report the controlled formation of nanoscale constrictions in junctionless nanowire field-effect transistors that efficiently modulate the flow of the current in the nanowire. The constrictions act as potential barriers and the height of the barriers can be selectively tuned by gates, making the device concept compatible with the crossbar geometry in(More)
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