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The sparse matrix vector product (SpMV) is a paramount operation in engineering and scientific computing and, hence, has been a subject of intense research for long. The irregular computations involved in SpMV make its optimization challenging. Therefore, enormous effort has been devoted to devise data formats to store the sparse matrix with the ultimate(More)
This paper deals with the boiler control problem proposed as a benchmark for the IFAC Conference on Advances in PID Controllers (PID'12). This boiling process is a multivariable nonlinear system that shows interactions and is subjected to input constraints. As proposal, in this work, a PID control by inverted decoupling with feedforward compensation is(More)
Obtaining high levels of pure proteins remains the main bottleneck of many scientific and biotechnological studies. Among all the available recombinant expression systems, Escherichia coli facilitates gene expression by its relative simplicity, inexpensive and fast cultivation, well-known genetics and the large number of tools available for its(More)
This paper presents a graphical environment which allows modeling, designing and simulating autonomous mobile robots following ISO standard object-oriented paradigm. Modeling is done using a graphical editor that follows the object oriented methodology proposed by Grady Booch, producing an ISO EXPRESS language specification of classes and relations of(More)
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