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In a wide variety of applications from different scientific and engineering fields, the solution of complex and/or nonsymmetric linear systems of equations is required. To solve this kind of linear systems the BiConjugate Gradient method (BCG) is especially relevant. Nevertheless, BCG has a enormous computational cost. GPU computing is useful for(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from bone marrow (BM-MSCs) and adipose tissue (AT-MSCs) are being applied to equine cell therapy. The physiological environment in which MSCs reside is hypoxic and does not resemble the oxygen level typically used in in vitro culture (20% O2). This work compares the growth kinetics, viability, cell cycle,(More)
This paper reports on luxation of the elbow joint without concomitant fracture in a 1-month-old foal. Conservative treatment, with closed reduction and full-limb bandaging, including caudal and lateral splints, seemed successful initially, however, failed to provide enough stability and luxation recurred, and open reduction and surgical placement of(More)
Inhibition of movements is the result of the caudate nucleus (CN) activity. This action seems to be necessary for passive avoidance conditioning (PAC). Much data indicates that GABA has inhibitory effects in the CN. The present report provides further evidence for GABA inhibition in th4 CN. In cats, the acquisition session of a PAC response was carried out(More)
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