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Protein C together with its plasmatic cofactor protein S and antithrombin III probably represent the most important plasmatic inhibitor in coagulation. Protein C deficiency constitutes a high risk factor for venous thrombosis. Cerebral venous thrombosis is a manifestation which is scarcely referred to in protein C deficiency. The case of a 32 year old(More)
One hundred and twenty-four migraineurs were treated randomly with 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) or with methysergide (M). The two groups were homogeneous without significant statistical differences with respect to age, sex, pill use, type of migraine and frequency of attacks before entry. A significant improvement was observed in 75% of the patients treated(More)
BACKGROUND Almotriptan, the most recent drug of the triptan family, has shown good efficacy and tolerability profile in clinical trials. OBJECTIVE To assess almotriptan's tolerability and effectiveness in the setting of routine clinical practice. PATIENTS AND METHODS 1,643 patients diagnosed of migraine according to IHS criteria were recruited by 317(More)
OBJECTIVES The response to the different antimigraine medications is variable. In this study we have analysed the profile of prescription of these antimigraine medications, both preventive and symptomatic, by a group of spanish neurologists and examined the subjective efficacy of these compounds. PATIENTS AND METHODS Neurologists from 7 hospitals in(More)
BACKGROUND Migraine is the main reason for neurological consultation. OBJECTIVES To analyse the profile of the patient with migraine attending the Neurological Services of our country. PATIENTS AND METHODS Neurologists from 7 hospitals in different spanish regions interviewed 305 patients (at least 40 per hospital) who met migraine diagnostic criteria.(More)