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Although high concentrations of beryllium-10 and boron are taken as unequivocal indicators of the contribution of subducting plates, controversy persists about the processes by which material is transferred from slabs to the sources of arc magmas. Data on (10)Be/Be and B/Be ratios from four arcs suggest that the contribution from the slab is compositionally(More)
Introduction: The organic matter in carbonaceous chondritic meteorites has the potential of adding to our understanding of the formation of the solar system. The challenge is that the organic matter constitutes, generally, a small percentage of the total mass of a given chondritic meteorite. Additionally, the physical nature of this carbon provides(More)
The (87)Rb-(87)Sr internal isochrons for five rocks yield an age of 3.65 +/-0.05 x 10(9) years which presumably dates the formation of the Sea of Tranquillity. Potassium-argon ages are consistent with this result. The soil has a model age of 4.5 x10(9) years, which is best regarded as the time of initial differentiation of the lunar crust. A peculiar rock(More)
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