F. Tchoffo-Talom

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In this paper, we propose to use Bayesian filtering techniques so as to handle mobility and deal with biased times of arrivals (TOA) in indoor ultra wideband (UWB) positioning systems. More particularly, the modified extended Kalman filter (MEKF) and the modified regularized particle filter (MRPF) enable to track large biases affecting estimated(More)
This paper reports a deterministic channel model for impulse radio (IR) applications. The ultra wide band received signal is built by using ray tracing combined with geometrical optics (GO) and uniform theory of diffraction (UTD). It takes into account realistic antennas dependencies. Some challenges and applications of deterministic Impulse radio channel(More)
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is an emergent technology which will be about to provide, in a near future, high data rates in indoor environments and location awareness in difficult propagation channels. In this context, UWB system designers need an accurate knowledge of the radio propagation channel for systems performance through link level simulations. In this(More)
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