F. T. Turkot

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At Fermilab we have operated a production line for the fabrication of 901 21 foot long superconducting dipoles for use in the Energy Saver/Doubler. At any one time 772 of these dipoles are installed in the accelerator and 62 in beamlines; the remainder are spares. Magnetic field data are now available for most of these dipoles; in this paper we present some(More)
We have measured deconfined hadronic volumes, 4.4 < V < 13.0 fm3, produced by a one dimensional (1D) expansion. These volumes are directly proportional to the charged particle pseudorapidity densities 6.75 < dNc/dη < 20.2. The hadronization temperature is T = 179.5 ± 5 (syst) MeV. Using Bjorken’s 1D model, the hadronization energy density is ǫF = 1.10 ±(More)
Utilizing a rotating coil harmonic measurement system, a sample of more than 35 Fermilab Main Ring quadrupoles has been measured. The asymmetric design of these magnets provides many easily measured harmonic coefficients. Results for harmonic coefficients at various excitation levels are presented. Since the magnets were designed with an elliptical(More)
The first two measurements made on each production magnet at the Magnet Test Facility2 are called "quench" and "cycle". In quench, a linear current ramp of slope 200a/s is applied to the magnet until a quench occurs. If the maximum current reached is greater than 4.5ka, the test is terminated. If it is less than 4.5ka, the test is repeated until subsequent(More)
We report on the design of the prototype kicker magnet system to be used in the abort channel of the Tevatron at Fermilab. The magnet has a peak field of 3kG, a 10-90% rise time of 1.5¿s, and the field is greater than 90% of peak for 21¿sec. The kicker magnetic energy is stored in a capacitor and resonantly discharged into the magnet inductance. When the(More)
We report the measurement of the energy resolution of a 4×4 array of SCG1-C scintillation glass counters (Ohara Optical Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) exposed to positrons in the energy range of 1 to 25 GeV. Each element of the array was 20.5 radiation lengths long. The resolution of the array was measured both with and without a 3.5 radiation length SCG1-C(More)
The magnitude of the Ea'-EI,' mass difference Aced has been measured by monitoring the time dependence of the strangeness of neutral E's produced in hydrogen and deuterium in the LRL 25-in. hydrogen bubble chamber. The particles originate as Ito in E charge-exchange scatters at 0.85 to 1.15 BeV/e; the signature for an S=—1 reaction is the production of a(More)
To evaluate its potential for colliding beam experiments a preliminary exploration of the Fermilab main ring operating in the storage ring mode has been made. Beam lifetime and horizontal size measurements have been obtained at 75, 100, 135, and 200 GeV/c. The data, when compared to predictions of a gas scattering model, imply the existence of other(More)