F T Miller

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Alterations in central dopamine function have been identified in depression and in alcohol withdrawal. Attempts to determine the magnitude and direction of the central dopamine alteration in alcohol withdrawal have produced conflicting results. In this study serum prolactin (PRL) was used as an indicator of central dopamine activity since dopamine is the(More)
A benzodiazepine-neuroleptic adjunctive treatment strategy in a cohort of acutely manic patients was compared with standard neuroleptic adjunctive treatment in a matched sample treated in the same hospital. Thirty newly hospitalized manic patients receiving low-dose neuroleptic (310 mg/day chlorpromazine equivalents) and benzodiazepines (1.6 mg/day(More)
A retrospective analysis of all medically serious suicide attempts made by 45 patients hospitalized consecutively at the Payne Whitney Clinic with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual III discharge diagnosis of unipolar major depression recurrent with psychotic features was undertaken. Patients with delusions of persecution in combination with delusions of(More)
OBJECTIVE Whether psychotic symptoms are part of the fundamental psychopathology of borderline personality disorder remains in dispute. The goal of the study was to examine the incidence and nature of psychotic symptoms in a sample of patients with the disorder. METHODS The inpatient psychiatric records of 92 patients with a discharge diagnosis of(More)
This study compares a cohort of hospitalized geriatric patients with major depression, treated with tricyclic anti-depressants (TCAs), with a cohort of patients treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The groups were compared on demographic, treatment, and outcome variables. Demographically, the groups were similar and did not differ(More)
Clinical observation suggested that schizophrenic patients more often refused to participate in experiments. In two studies psychiatric patient volunteers and nonvolunteers were compared on discharge diagnoses (psychiatric and medical), medication given, demographic measures, and hospitalization characteristics. In each study, patients with paranoid(More)
In this study 18 patients with a research diagnostic criteria diagnosis of schizophrenia had a mean initial serum creatine phosphokinase level significantly higher than that of 36 control subjects with other RDC diagnoses. There were no corresponding elevations in the serum levels of nondrinking alcoholics or patients with primary or secondary affective(More)