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The effects of swimming exercise on the pathogenesis of acute murine toxoplasma infection were studied. Swimming (45 min/day) initiated on the day of inoculation with the avirulent Me49 strain of Toxoplasma gondii did not alter survival of infected mice. At a later stage of infection, daily swimming appeared to promote the recovery of appetite and weight(More)
Despite inherent difficulties in defining and measuring stress, a scientific framework has been provided in recent years for understanding how disruptive life experiences might be translated into altered susceptibility to infectious diseases. Studies of the effects of stress on pathogenesis of infectious disease are highly relevant to assessment of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The mutation responsible for Huntington's disease is an elongated and unstable trinucleotide (CAG) repeat on the short arm of chromosome 4. Psychotic symptoms are more common in patients with Huntington's disease than in the general population. This study explored the relationship of psychosis in Huntington's disease patients with the number of(More)
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