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The present study examined the influence of two benzimidazole fungicides benomyl and carbendazim (MCB), in dosages of 500 and 1000 mg kg-1 for 5 days, on the capacity of decidual growth in pseudopregnant rats. The aim of the research was to determine whether the antimitotic activity of both chemicals was being mediated by way of hormonal and molecular(More)
The cytotoxicity of hydroxyurea (HU), currently used to combat various cancers, sickle cell anemia and human immunodeficiency infection, was assessed by exposing decidualized and pregnant uteri of Sprague-Dawley rats to this drug. Consecutive daily doses of HU (500 mg/kg(-1)) for 4 days were injected subcutaneously during decidualization when proliferation(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate time-related interactions between the estrogen receptors, mediators of steroidal regulation of uterine growth, and an extracellular regulatory enzyme, the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) engaged in connective tissue degradation and remodeling that are fundamental to implantation and placentation. Pseudopregnant(More)
The antimitotic action of the systemic benzimidazole carbamate compound, benomyl, the basis for its fungitoxicity, was assessed in a mammalian system by selected biochemical endpoints of endometrial proliferation during decidualization in rats. The deciduoma, artificially induced on Day 4 of pseudopregnancy (PG), represents the maternal portion of the(More)
Two transplantable, highly immunogenic syngeneic C57BL fibrosarcomas, FS1 and FS6, were shown to have tumour-specific rejection antigens, as shown by excision of the primary tumours and i.p. or i.m. injection of graded doses of the specific and unrelated tumour cells. I.p. challenge with tumour cells induced a large and relatively long-lasting increase in(More)
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptide (PACAP), a novel compound with vasoactive intestinal polypeptide-like activity, was recently shown to be localized in the neuronal endings of the human uterus. The purpose of the present study was to assess the functional presence of PACAP mRNA in the decidual endometrium and its relationship to the expression(More)
1. The present study investigated the time-dependent inhibitory responses of endometrial growth and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) to dexamethasone during deciduoma development that was surgically induced on day 4 of pseudopregnancy (PG). 2. Groups of rats (n = 6) were subcutaneously injected with dexamethasone (1.5 mg/rat per day) for 3 days (PG(More)
XREFdb supports the investigation of protein function in the context of information available through work in multiple organisms. In addition to facilitating the association of functional data among known genes from multiple organisms, XREFdb has developed strategies that provide access to information associated with as-yet unstudied genes. The database(More)