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The distribution of fast axonally transported proteins was studied by electron microscope radioautography in ciliary ganglia of chickens treated or not treated with acrylamide. At 3 h after the intracerebral injection of [3H]lysine, the preganglionic axons of the untreated chickens displayed few silver grains, mainly associated with smooth endoplasmic(More)
The axonal transport of proteins was studied in ciliary ganglia of control and acrylamide-treated chickens. After an intracerebral injection of [3H]lysine, the distribution of axonally transported proteins was analyzed in the preterminal segments of preganglionic axons and in their caliciform nerve endings by means of quantitative light microscope(More)
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is present in nervous and muscular tissues of normal chickens in four main molecular forms (G1, G2, G4, and A12), distinguishable by sedimentation analysis. In the sciatic nerve of acrylamide-poisoned chickens, the anterograde axonal transport of A12 AChE was reduced by 60%, and that of G4 by 21%, compared to control values(More)
Microinjection of substances into the endoneurium of the sciatic nerve is a technique widely used. Because the contralateral nerve is often used as control nerve, we studied the incorporation of [14C]galactose into myelin lipids in normal nerves, saline-injected nerves and their contralateral nerves. Results show that incorporation of radioactivity into(More)
The axonal transport of proteins was studied by radioautography in preganglionic axons of ciliary ganglia in Leghorn chickens treated by acrylamide. The slow axonal transport of proteins was hardly affected. In contrast, the fast axonal transport was severely impaired. Indeed, radioactive proteins accumulated focally at the periphery of several preterminal(More)
To investigate the importance of the neuronal cytoskeleton in Schwann cell metabolism, three agents acting on the microfilaments (cytochalasin D, brevine, and phalloïdin) were injected into the endoneurium of rat sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerves were removed 24 h later and separated into two pieces: the first one was the injection site and the second was from(More)
To obtain an understanding of the importance of the neuronal cytoskeleton in Schwann cell metabolism, an antimicrotubular agent (colchicine) was injected into the rat sciatic nerve 24 or 48 h before incubation of the nerve with labeled precursor: [35S]sulfate, [14C]galactose, or [3H]-galactose. Colchicine inhibited the incorporation of 35S radioactivity(More)
The synthetic pyrethroids, a new class of insecticides, have excellent insecticide properties with good biodegradability, therefore a low remanence. Their mammalian toxicity is low in considering amounts used in agriculture. On the other hand, experimental animals exposed to mean so high concentrations of pyrethroids display neurological symptoms. This(More)
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