F Skrabal

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20 normotensive subjects (10 with a family history of hypertension) were investigated as to whether moderate salt restriction and/or a high potassium intake had a beneficial effect on blood pressure regulation and prevention of hypertension. In all subjects a moderate reduction of salt intake from 200 to 50 mmol/day over 2 weeks reduced the rise in blood(More)
Two cases of atypical pineal teratoma (APT) with massive ventricular dissemination are reported; the diagnosis was based on CT appearances and characteristic neurological and endocrinological abnormalities. Both patients responded well to radiotherapy. The CT features and the management of these patients are discussed.
Parallel fluctuations of potential difference (P.D.) across oral and rectal mucosa are probably related to the activity of autonomic nerves rather than adrenal steroids. Unlike rectal mucosa, oral mucosa does not respond to exogenous or endogenous aldosterone. Therefore subtraction of oral P.D. from rectal P.D. gives a closer indication of mineralocorticoid(More)
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