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The goal of the present study was to develop and evaluate algorithms for non-invasive, real-time, beat-to-beat monitoring of stroke index (SI), blood pressure (BP) and total peripheral resistance index (TPRI) which has a menu-driven interface, suitable for routine use by unskilled staff. In addition, it was our aim to include a meta-analysis for the(More)
A new method and apparatus for non-disruptive blood pressure (BP) recording in the finger based on the vascular unloading technique is introduced. The instrument, in contrast to intermittent set point readjustments of the conventional vascular unloading technique, delivers BP without interruptions, thus refining the Penáz' principle. The method is based on(More)
AIMS To elucidate the mechanisms of orthostatic intolerance (OI) after endurance exercise which are incompletely understood. METHODS AND RESULTS We investigated beat-to-beat haemodynamic and autonomic parameters in 51 male athletes during supine rest and after active standing the day before and 2 h after a marathon run. None of the subjects before the(More)
Alterations of vascular smooth muscle function have been implicated in the development of vascular complications and circulatory dysfunction in diabetes. However, little is known about changes in smooth muscle contractility and the intracellular mechanisms contributing to altered responsiveness of blood vessels of diabetic patients. Therefore, smooth muscle(More)
We hypothesized that the extreme endurance exercise of an Ironman competition would lead to long-standing hemodynamic and autonomic changes. We investigated also the possibility of predicting competition performance from baseline hemodynamic and autonomic parameters. We have investigated 27 male athletes before competition, 1 h after, and then for the(More)
A pharmacokinetic model is modified to enable quantitation of subcutaneous insulin absorption following insulin injections of soluble insulin and monomeric insulin analogues. The model for soluble insulin includes diffusion, equilibration between hexameric and dimeric insulin and absorption of dimeric insulin molecules. Numerical approximation is carried(More)
Chronic metabolic acidosis may increase alkali mobilization from bone and thus promote the development of osteoporosis. While it is undisputed that overt metabolic acidosis is associated with metabolic bone disease, renal acidification in patients with idiopathic osteoporosis has not been studied systematically. The purpose of this study was to investigate(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that enhanced postexercise vasodilatation is related to sympathetic drive to resistance vessels and to fast marathon performance. DESIGN Prospective field study before and after running a marathon. PARTICIPANTS 51 healthy amateur runners who volunteered to participate. The fastest competitor finished fourth, the slowest(More)
Two cases of atypical pineal teratoma (APT) with massive ventricular dissemination are reported; the diagnosis was based on CT appearances and characteristic neurological and endocrinological abnormalities. Both patients responded well to radiotherapy. The CT features and the management of these patients are discussed.