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In supercontinuum generation, various propagation effects combine to produce a dramatic spectral broadening of intense ultrashort optical pulses. With a host of applications, supercontinuum sources are often required to possess a range of properties such as spectral coverage from the ultraviolet across the visible and into the infrared, shot-to-shot(More)
The role of the retinoblastoma gene (RB1) in human gastric carcinogenesis is yet to be clarified. We report on the analysis of RB1 structure and protein (pRB) expression in gastric carcinomas using Southern blotting, Western blotting and immunohistochemistry. The relationship between pRB expression and cell proliferation was assessed by a proliferation(More)
Attosecond light pulses in the extreme ultraviolet have drawn a great deal of attention due to their ability to interrogate electronic dynamics in real time. Nevertheless, to follow charge dynamics and excitations in materials, element selectivity is a prerequisite, which demands such pulses in the soft X-ray region, above 200 eV, to simultaneously cover(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Les pannes arbitraires sont inhérentes aux calculs massivement parallèles tels que ceux visés par le modèle MapReduce ; or les implémentations courantes du MapReduce ne fournissent pas d'outils permettant de tolérer les fautes byzantines. Il est donc impossible de certifier l'exactitude de résultats obtenus au terme de traitements longs et coûteux.(More)
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