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The projections from the primary motor and somatic sensory cortex onto the basilar pontine grey were studied in Wistar Rats injecting microvolumes of WGA-HRP solution in sites of the motor and sensory cortex electrophysiologically identified. The main results may be summarized as follows. (a) The projections from both the motor and sensory cortex were found(More)
The topographical organization of the subnuclear projections towards the thalamus was studied with autographic methods in adult Wistar rats. The four cerebellar deep nuclei give rise to projections to the ventral region of the rostral thalamus. Most of the fibers end contralaterally, according to a topographical pattern; however, some fibers from each of(More)
The open field behavior and learning capacity of male rats of the Wistar strain was studied 1, 2, and 6 months after cerebellectomy (CBX). The results show a decrease in locomotor activity 1 month after CBX and thereafter a slow recovery. Grooming behavior was still normal after 1 month, but it decreased 2 months after CBX. Learning capacity, as assessed by(More)
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