F. Schalldach

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the precision and accuracy of digital measurements in digital panoramic radiography. METHODS A series of 70 digital panoramic radiographs were obtained of a dry skull in seven different positions with metallic pins and spheres fixed to the mandible. Three replicate measurements were performed with the mouse-driven cursor by one(More)
Magnification factors (VF) in relation to various head positions were evaluated for a digital panoramic radiography machine (Orthophos DS, Sirona) by means of a dry skull phantom. Six metallic objects were attached to the facial layer of the mandible. A set of 170 digital radiographs (program 1) was produced, with defined positioning errors within the(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a new method for assessing residual ridge resorption in the edentulous maxilla. METHODS Defined experimental and reference areas in the maxilla were drawn on transparent film laid over a panoramic radiograph and digitized. Bone areas were measured with an integrated planimetry program and expressed as a ratio R. The effect of(More)
Ziel der Untersuchung: Anhand eines realitätsnahen Versuchsaufbaus sollte mit Hilfe des digitalen Panoramaschichtgeräts Orthophos DS (Fa. Sirona) der Einfluss definierter Fehlpositionierungen auf horizontale und vertikale Vergrößerungsfaktoren (VF) im Bereich der Prämolaren- und Winkelregion des Unterkiefers untersucht werden. Material und Methode: 170(More)
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