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Functional parameters of the whole blood oxygen loading from 66 anemic subjects, compared with those from 66 normal adult of both sexes display the following behaviour: a) Adult males and females differ for p50 values, which are higher in females because of their lower Hb level. This difference is already well known and appears to be statistically(More)
Urinary protein is usually above normal in diabetics, even when the disease is of recent onset. Values tend to move further away from physiological levels as the condition persists. Electrophoresis reveals a selective glomerular form, even in many subjects with a quantitatively normal picture and free of signs of micro- and macroangiopathy, as these are(More)
BACKGROUND Hb Kempsey (beta 99 Asp----Asn) is a high-oxygen affinity hemoglobin, never before reported in Italy, associated with secondary erythrocytosis. It has been found in the heterozygous state in two subjects from the same family originating from the Verona area in Northern Italy. METHODS The abnormal hemoglobin was studied both at the protein and(More)