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An investigation is being developed by the Comitato Nazionale per la Ricerca e per lo Sviluppo dell'Energia Nucleare e delle Energie Alternative, ENEA, to assess the indoor exposure of the Italian population. The programme, which started in 1982, includes regional and local surveys in all the administrative districts and intensive investigations of factors(More)
This paper gives the technical characteristics of the Italian Committee for Research and Development of Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy (ENEA) radon chamber and the operational procedures developed for testing radon and daughters measuring equipment. Runs were carried out under different experimental conditions defined in terms of radon and daughter(More)
A program is underway in Italy to identify construction materials with high radioactivity contents and to evaluate the resulting indoor exposure on a nationwide scale. Building materials surveyed include those of natural origin and those employing particular by-products such as fly ash and phosphogypsum. The survey currently emphasizes natural building(More)
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