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Phase synchronized states can emerge in the collective behavior of an ensemble of chaotic coupled map lattices, due to a mean field interaction. This type of interaction is responsible for synchronized chaotic global activity of the lattices, while the local activity of each map remains unsynchronized. The resulting collective dynamics is called " weak(More)
This paper presents the design and simulation of an electromagnetic lens for a Half Impulse Radiating Antenna (HIRA). Simulation results showing the effectiveness of the lens in producing a spherical wave front and the behavior of the reflection coefficient and the transmission coefficient of the lens are presented and discussed.
A simplified model of leader development based on physical and engineering approximations for laboratory long gap discharges under switching impulses was proposed and tested. The model was derived from the physical analysis proposed by Bondiou-Gallimberti and the engineering approximation for the potential drop on the tip of the leader proposed by Rizk. The(More)
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