F. S. Robscheit-Robbins

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In long continued severe anemia due to bleeding in dogs we may observe all degrees of red marrow spread. The maximal red marrow spread takes in the total marrow area in ribs, vertebrae and long bones. The minimal red marrow spread may involve but 10 to 20 per cent of this maximal area. All gradations between these extremes are observed in this series. The(More)
Liver extracts are of peculiar interest at this time because of the keen clinical interest in the diet therapy of pernicious anemia. The liver fraction which has been studied with greatest care is that known as liver extract, No. 343, N.N.R., prepared by Eli Lilly and Company under the supervision of the Committee on Pernicious Anemia of the Harvard Medical(More)
Human liver tissue has been assayed to determine the concentration of hemoglobin production factors in normal and abnormal states. Standardized dogs made anemic by bleeding have been used in this biological assay and the human liver tissue compared with control animal tissue. Normal human liver tissue (external trauma) contains much more of these hemoglobin(More)
A liver extract No. 343, N.N.R. known to be fully potent in pernicious anemia shows but 10 to 20 per cent of the potency of whole liver feeding in severe continuous secondary anemia due to bleeding in dogs. There are wide individual variations which are not noted with whole liver feeding. Supplementing this liver extract with whole bile does not modify the(More)
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