F. S. Ortiz

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Records of brain electrical activity from intracranial EEG of four patients with different types of epilepsy are analyzed to predict the epileptic seizure onset. A method based on the evolution of the accumulated energy using wavelet analysis is introduced. This is an efficient method to predict epileptic seizures: from 13 preseizure signals, the seizure(More)
Entorhinal cortex (EC) projections to the hippocampus run along the perforant path and activate the hippocampal area CA3 and the dentate gyrus (DG), which, in turn, drives CA3. Because cortical trauma damages the source of inputs to the hippocampus, we hypothesize that such an event can be reflected in immediate alterations of the hippocampal oscillatory(More)
To better understand information transfer along the hippocampal pathways and its plasticity, here we studied the antidromic responses of the dentate gyrus (DG) and CA3 to activation of the mossy fibers and Schaffer collaterals, respectively, in hippocampal slices from naïve and epileptic rats. We applied trains of 600 electrical stimuli at functionally(More)
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