F S Neuman-Silberberg

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The Drosophila gene gurken participates in a signaling process that occurs between the germ line and the somatic cells (follicle cells) of the ovary. This process is required for correct patterning of the dorsoventral axis of both the egg and the embryo. gurken produces a spatially localized transcript which encodes a TGF-alpha-like molecule(More)
Cell-cell interactions in the Drosophila ovary play a crucial role in the establishment of dorsoventral polarity of both the egg shell and the future embryo. Torpedo/DER (top/DER), a homolog of the vertebrate epidermal growth factor receptor, is required for this signaling process in the somatic cells of the ovary. In contrast, gurken (grk), which also(More)
Three Drosophila genes homologous to the Ha-ras probe were isolated and mapped to positions 85D, 64B, and 62B on chromosome 3. Two of these genes (termed Dras 1 and Dras 2) were sequenced. In the case of Dras 1, which contains multiple introns, a cDNA clone was isolated and sequenced. In the case of Dras2, the nucleotide sequence fo the genomic clone was(More)
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