F S M Crisóstomo

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Spermadhesins are a family of secretory proteins expressed in the male genital tract of pig, horse and bull. Their function and structure have been widely studied, especially those isolated from boar. However, there are no data concerning spermadhesins isolated from buck. Buck seminal plasma was collected and subjected to ion exchange chromatography on(More)
Effective vaccines against genital herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) may need to induce genital tract immune responses. To determine local antibody responses to HSV-2 glycoproteins gB2 and gD2 in an intramuscular subunit vaccine, cervical secretions from HSV-seronegative women and HSV-1-seropositive women were tested for IgG and IgA to gB2 and gD2 by(More)
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