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Recent LES suggested that the turbulence fluctuation in the wall-normal direction v plays an important role in the evolution of transition. This motivates the use of v 2 − f model for turbomachinery flows, in which different types of transition co-exist. An 'ad hoc' Reynolds-number-dependent term is added to C ε1 in the ε-equation in order to reduce the(More)
Hemorrhagic cystitis is a complication of systemic lupus erythematosus and is also a common side effect after cyclophosphamide therapy. Intractable hemorrhagic cystitis is not unusual and may be a life-threatening condition; it has no effective noninvasive treatment at present. We report a case of hemorrhagic cystitis with intractable refractory bleeding(More)
Tibial tubercle avulsion is an uncommon fracture in physically active adolescents. Sequential avulsion of tibial tubercles is extremely rare. We reported a healthy, active 15-year-old boy who suffered from left tibial tubercle avulsion fracture during a basketball game. He received open reduction and internal fixation with two smooth Kirschner wires and a(More)
Open reduction and internal fixation is used to treat complex acetabular fractures. Traction on the femur is necessary to reduce the acetabulum and is accomplished by surgical assistants or with mechanical devices. To overcome the disadvantages of various traction methods, the author designed a simple, novel traction device that can be used on an ordinary(More)
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