F. S. Ho

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The paper presents a control flow obfuscation method to discourage reverse engineering and malicious tampering of software codes. Given the original source codes and desired obfuscation criteria, the proposed method works by decomposing the source codes into fragments and then applying various transforms to the code fragments. As the output of our method,(More)
This article reports the results of two studies examining the effectiveness of the whole-word and analytic instructional methods in teaching different subtypes of readers (students with normal reading performance, surface dyslexics, phonological dyslexics, and both dyslexic patterns) and four kinds of Chinese two-character words (two regular [RR], two(More)
The purpose of this study is to explore different types of reading errors made by Chinese students with reading disabilities. Based on dual-route model of reading, readers may use either the lexical (words are recognized as wholes) or sub-lexical (words are recognized through grapheme-phoneme correspondence) procedure to read. Siegel (1993) suggested that(More)
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