F. S. Felber

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and integral calculus from integer orders n to the entire complex plane. Methods are presented for using this generalized calculus with Laplace transforms of complex-order derivatives to solve analytically many differential equations in physics, facilitate numerical computations, and generate new infinite-series representations of functions. As examples,(More)
A wire-array flux-compression cartridge installed on Sandia's Saturn pulsed power generator doubled the current into a 3-nH load to 6 MA and halved its rise time to 100 ns. The current into the load, however, was unexpectedly delayed by almost 1 micros. Estimates of a plasma flow switch acting as a long-conduction-time opening switch are consistent with key(More)
The Schwarzschild solution is used to find the exact relativistic motion of a payload in the gravitational field of a mass moving with constant velocity. At radial approach or recession speeds faster than 1/ 2 3 times the speed of light, even a small mass gravitationally repels a payload. At relativistic speeds, a suitable mass can quickly propel a heavy(More)
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